Charity Worldwide Work

Annie Lennox:

Annie Lennox is working through Comic relief and Equals? to raise global awareness concerning the impact of HIV on women and children, so as to increase global action to support infected & affected women and children.

Support efforts to ensure HIV-positive women and children in South Africa have access to treatment and care and to reduce HIV transmission from HIV-positive mothers to their babies.

Annie Lennox OBE said, “I am thrilled and honoured to be receiving the O2 Silver Clef Award from Nordoff Robbins.

“I’ve supported Nordoff Robbins over the years and I’m a firm believer in their work and the healing power of music.”

David Munns, Chairman, Nordoff Robbins said, “We are proud and honoured to be awarding Annie Lennox the O2 Silver Clef Award. As a prize that recognizes the contribution a British artiste has made to music, I can think of no more worthy recipient. As an outstanding musician and philanthropist, Annie’s influence has been felt globally.

“Our work at Nordoff Robbins is life changing. Since the Silver Clef Awards began 36 years ago, they have raised over £8m for Nordoff Robbins, allowing us to use music transform the lives of many thousands of disadvantaged and vulnerable people – but we still have a long way to go to ensure we can deliver our music services to all those who need them.”

The WOW concert in 2011, at the Royal Festival Hall raised vast funds for Women, less fortunate, around the World, also through Equals?. Kate Nash was also one of the key singers partaking in the event, also raising global awareness. Annie Lennox will be involved with Awareness Music and the Winkball clip, above is for her to see, at the WOW event on March 8th 2011.

May 14, 2009 by Elizabeth Willoughby

Emma Thompson:

Actress Emma Thompson raises much awareness and funds for the Helen Bamber Association, to aid Human Trafficking, for Women around the Globe. In a contribution to The Times, she discusses the pitfalls of celebrity activism, but why it’s worth it.
“When you are famous,” writes Thompson, “working for charity has become almost de rigueur, and while it can be stunningly effective (witness Brad Pitt in New Orleans) it can also be profoundly off-putting.”
So can its overly-used terminology. Thompson notes: “Words such as “charity”, “cause”, “development”, “human rights” and “activism” can all become skewed with misuse. At best, overuse renders them banal. But at worst they become counterproductive. Say “human rights activist” and increasing numbers of people will just slam their hands over their ears. There is cause weariness even before you prefix “human rights activist” with that extra soul-sapping tag “celebrity”.”

Nevertheless, Thompson sees all causes as connected to the human condition – the problem is that people don’t make that connection to their own daily lives. If only they would, they would see the return, not only to victims but to themselves:
“Thinking, and listening, and sometimes acting to help other people who may have survived and endured terrible situations can be (and this sounds very selfish, but it’s true) a fascinating practical investigation into how one can achieve some kind of progress in the business of being human. It takes only a tiny twist of consciousness to make the leap from a save-the-world complex to something much more honest, fulfilling and achievable.”

It’s fundamentally life-enhancing, she says, “how the survivor contributes to the development of human character – how the stories of those who have endured inhumanity can enrich us in the same way that listening to poetry can enrich us.”

Quoting Helen Bamber, who founded the human rights organisation Helen Bamber Foundation, Thompson says, “What she has always said is that the hardest stories to listen to are often the most rewarding stories to hear.”

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Charities We Support


Lauren Maddox: Advisor & Fundraiser for IIMSAM

Medicines Sans Frontier

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger in more than 70 countries.

Youth For Human Rights

Lauren Maddox: Ambassador for Youth For Human Rights International, London

Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, an educator born and raised in apartheid South Africa, where she witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of discrimination and the lack of basic human rights.

Women For Women

Women for Women International could not provide direct financial and emotional support to women living on the margins of hope without the backing of a global community of dedicated staff, volunteers, generous donors, supporters and friends.

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) is a vibrant charity with a wide portfolio of well-established services and a rapidly developing range of new initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

We campaign for a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay and bisexual people can achieve their full potential, and our mission is: ‘Ending Homophobia, Empowering People.’


Elop is a holistic lesbian and gay centre that offers a range of social, emotional and support services to LGBT communities, and our core services include counselling and young people’s services. We can also offer training and consultancy for fellow professionals and those seeking to enhance their understanding of issues facing LGBTcommunities.


UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality. That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young.


The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. It strives to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country. It also has a mandate to help stateless people.


RSPCA is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and is been looking out for animals, since 1824. RSPCA’s vision is to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom.

Cruelty To Children Must Stop

The NSPCC was founded in 1884 and our vision is still to end cruelty to children in the UK. Find out more about how we are ending child cruelty, how the NSPCC is organised and our history.

Pace Health

PACE is London’s leading charity promoting the mental health and emotional well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

National Marine Life Center

The National Marine Life Center (NMLC) is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) rehabilitation and release hospital for the treatment of stranded sea turtles and seals, with future plans to expand to treat dolphins, porpoises, and small whales. Our emphasis is to educate the public about the needs and status of these important animals and their environment, and to research their health needs and threats in captivity and in the wild.

Macmillian Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. One in three of us will get cancer. We are all affected by cancer. We can all help. We are Macmillan.

Great Ormond Street

The Hospital for Sick Children first opened it doors at 49 Great Ormond Street on Valentine’s Day 1852 with 10 beds. Dr Charles West was the driving force behind its opening, driven by the shockingly high level of infant mortality in the capital.

Global Angels

Lauren Maddox: Ambassador for Global Angels

We have a dream – of a vast network of “Angels” – people like you and me, from all ages and cultures, uniting together as a powerful movement to generate an effective global response to the needs of the worlds most vulnerable children and youth, whether they are living in extreme poverty or disadvantage, devastated environmental conditions, with disability or life threatening illness, street kids, orphans, child slaves, trafficked kids, and child soldiers.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Established in 1860, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home aims never to turn away a dog or cat in need of our help. We reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners through our Lost Dogs & Cats Line or care for them until new homes can be found for them, giving them shelter and the highest standards of kennelling and veterinary care.

Child Voice International

ChildVoice International is a Christian organization seeking to restore the voices of children silenced by war. ChildVoice International’s programs recognize that someone must speak for the thousands of children rendered voiceless by unspeakable brutality and unimaginable inhumanity. ChildVoice acts on the conviction that children broken by war can be restored in safe communities with loving care, spiritual and emotional counseling, and effective education and vocational training.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.

Woman’s aid

Women’s Aid is the national domestic violence charity that helps up to 250,000 women and children every year. We work to end violence against women and children, and support over 500 domestic and sexual violence services across the country


EQUALS is a partnership of leading charities that have come together to step-up the call to demand a more equal world. Brought together by Oxfam’s Global Ambassador and Barclays Woman of the Year, Annie Lennox OBE, EQUALS will ensure that International Women’s Day is a day of debate as well as a day of celebration.

Open Age

Open Age established in 1993, is a user led charity working across Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster enabling retired older people, from 50 to over 100 years of age, sustain their physical and mental fitness, maintain active lifestyles and develop new and stimulating interests.

Comic Relief-Sing

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK which strives to create a just world free from poverty – and we work 365 days a year to help that vision become a reality.

Just Giving

JustGiving was started in early 2000 by Zarine Kharas and Anne-Marie Huby, with a simple vision. They wanted to use the power of the internet to enable people to raise far more for charities, easily and cost-effectively

Aces For Kids

To touch as many lives as we can so that every kid has a chance to live, dream and achieve. All of us together can help. These kids dont ask for much, just maybe clothes on their back, food in their mouths, the ability to get the education they need, the love they deserve and the chance to realize a dream.

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is an international movement to set up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education.

The Amazon Conservation Team

The mission of the Amazon Conservation Team is to work in partnership with indigenous people to conserve biodiversity, improve human health, and strengthen traditional culture in greater Amazonia.


There’s a joke that in any bar in Vancouver, Canada, you can sit down next to someone who claims to have founded Greenpeace. In fact, there was no single founder: name, idea, spirit and tactics can all be said to have separate lineages. Yet, some people clearly stand out. Here are four of them.

Women’s Rights Organization

IKWRO provides advice and support to Middle Eastern women and girls living in the UK who are facing forced marriage, ‘honour’ based violence, female genital mutilation and domestic abuse.

Lauren Maddox

I’m an Actress taking on film projects, to both ‘raise awareness’ concerning: history and how we can learn from it; in regards to gender equality; and by guiding Charity aid work, to open up possibilities of helping those less fortunate.

Within Awareness Music and within my films, I wish to portray key emotional messages, both by capturing raw spontaneous elements as well as incorporating careful historical research and research into the human psyche. I feel that, used wisely, Music and Film can be extremely positive mediums to expand minds and create clear, inner vision, for learning.

I’d like ours and our artistes music ( at Awareness Music), as well as my films, to inspire the minds and spirits of future generations, through both their understanding of intricate human emotions as well as the use of positive vibrational sounds within our words which can encourage healing of the soul, mind, spirit and body. The subtle overtones and undertones of harmonics that resonate in powerfully spiritual music, touches our spirit and gives clear positive messages to our hearts and those around us. We want to make a lasting, positive impact on this planet through the vibrations of our DNA and this can come about through opening up our inner World with ‘Higher Frequencies of Love, through certain sounds’. I feel that ’Love is the Truth’ & it is the only route to stopping injustice & suffering from happening, long term. We need to outweigh negativity. Frequency of sound is also important in creating ‘a peaceful inner state’ where people can ”go to’, in their minds, in stillness, when they feel scared, angry or alone. We must promote this. I feel that a frequency of 528 hertz can inspire healing, within. We want to create this environment through the music that we place within films, that people view every day. We want everyone to feel their purpose and meaning on this planet, as we are all here in this World for a specific, divine, reason. We want to help bridge the gaps between the West and the Developing World. We wish for the positive vibrations in our music to draw people closer together through both the power of our words and the resonating frequencies that they can attune to.

As Peter Joseph, who is the Writer & Director of the film ‘Moving Zeitgeist Forward’, states ; ‘War, Poverty, Corruption, Hunger, Misery & Human Suffering, will not change in a monetary system. That is, there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the redesign of our culture and values and it has to be related to the resources of the Earth’. Through the songs that are donated by artistes on our site, we hope to raise enough funds, for the Charities and artistes, through film companies choosing our artistes and our songs for their features. These collaborations amongst cultures and amongst the music and film industry can bring us even closer. If we become one force, as we are all ‘interconnected’, positive changes can be abundantly ongoing.

I look forward to seeing many of the songs, that will be on our site, also in my own features, produced by myself and Vivienne Young’s Film Production Company, ‘Estuary Films’ (The Key Idea: where all rivers and streams of Cultures, meet). (Estuary: 75% of us is made up of Water. We all need water to survive). Our films will focus on True life stories of people who are injecting positivity in to this World and Universe, as well as Historical documentaries and features, showing how we can learn from the past and take certain ‘divinely inspired’ ideas in to the future.

The Well known Artistes & other interesting, professional singers of all genres, who donate to our site, will be able to expand their collaboration even further, in both the film, Music and Arts World (such as Art Galleries and Museums). I feel that this is the World that many people lean towards and dream into, when confusion and difficulties are going on around them. It provides a space for creativity and can teach us all so much about life and ourselves. Each Singer/Musician’s work chosen for film or Art Galleries/Museums, will have their name credited on the film (linked to Awareness Music) or within the Art Gallery/Museum. We will be working further, through the donations given to the Charities by film Companies or Art Galleries/Museums, to close the gap between the West and the Developing World. Although we wish all cultures to be interconnected in a free and peaceful World, we also know the importanceof cultures keeping their own heritage and lives, so that we all honour each other and every one of our roots.

I went to International Women’s Day on March 8th 2011 and I want to draw special attention to the amazing concert that was set up by Women of the World (WOW) via (Annie Lennox) and Comic Relief (Sing). WOW will be one of the Charities on our website and we will collaborate together.

Let’s all get involved and make Equality and Positive Aid, happen.

Our Aims

Awareness MusicLauren Maddox’s and William Johnston’s Aims for Awareness Music:

Lauren & William met on the film set of the short film, ‘Victor’, at Pinewood Studios in 2009. William composed the music for that film.
In 2009, Lauren & William decided to join forces and begin, jointly creating music and writing lyrics, in preparation, for Film Companies to choose music from, for their Film scores, as well as for Art Galleries to use within their Art exhibitions, so as to raise funds for key Charities on our website. Lauren asked William to set up a Music Website to help Charities, through Film Companies choosing songs for their Film Scores, to help people, less fortunate. We decided upon the name ‘Awareness Music’, to raise Awareness around the World. They became a song writing and Production team, in 2009.
We’d like to both focus on the Charity Projects, within the Charities on our website, as well as placing funds that we retain from each song, donated by Film Companies/Art Galleries to go towards our Field work/Aid work projects in the developing World. This will include Africa – Uganda (Gulu), Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Congo, Sri Lanka (Marissa), Ethiopia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti (Port Au Prince) &India. Each Field Work project from these areas will be discussed and written about on the website, as the projects are taken on. We will give information as to when we will be travelling to these Field Work Projects and what we will be donating, such as; Mosquito Nets, Sand Water Filters, Boar Holes, Aids Vaccines, Food Parcels, such as ‘Rice Dream’ and Spirulina, as well as purpose built buildings and Accommodation. Child Voice International have plans to create further rehabilitation centres, like the current ‘Lukodi Centre’, in Gulu, Uganda, which we will help with, through donations and Philanthropy sections of other Companies. We will have a link with Child-Voice International to their handmade Jewellery, on our website, to create a further sustainability for Women and Children, around the World. We will help Human Trafficking in areas such as Port Au Prince, Uganda and Romania (Moldova), through Emma Thompson’s Charity (on our Website) as well as through Florida Coalition of Human Trafficking, also on our website. We will help Annie Lennox with her Aids Work, via and through donations, given to us. We will create an extensive collaboration of Charities around the World. We will be unique in the fact that we will be giving Film Companies and Art Galleries a chance to donate and be sponsors of Charities, on our website. For this they will have strong visibility on our website, showing to the World that they are helping key Charities progress further in their aid of people, less fortunate. This will increase their profile and give them Film Credits or show them backing Charities at Art Gallery Exhibitions. We will also be unique in the fact that the Film Companies will receive information on exactly which Aid Projects their donations are going towards. In response to this, the film Companies will give a credit to the Singers/Musicians who donate music to the site. If it’s William Johnston’s and Lauren Maddox’s music, it will be our names, plus ‘
Awareness Music’ – the same template will follow for other Singers/Musicians, donating music to our website, only their names will be inserted where ours would otherwise be, alongside ‘Awareness Music’. Singers/Musicians will also be able to see exactly which Film Companies their percentage of funds will be coming back from and which Charities the Film Companies/Art Galleries will be donating to, for the Singers/Musicians songs, chosen.
Also, we want to show that we support Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender & Gender Discrimination around the World. We will work with Scott Mills to promote Gay Rights in Uganda, where a discriminatory law has been passed against it, as well as LGBT Charities, in England (To be decided upon). We will support this, as well as Human Rights, in general, via www.youthfor as I get more and more Human Rights Handbooks in to schools in London and further afield.

List of Artistes













Francesca Evans

Francesca was born in London, UK. She is a trained actress and dancer and has won awards for both over the years in London.

After her college years she sang in Folk Clubs in Europe, mostly in Brussels and Paris and occasionally modelling there also. It was in these smoky folk clubs in the late 70’s that Francesca honed her singing voice and learned to play acoustic guitar.

After getting married and moving to Saudi Arabia for three years where she brought up two children, Francesca moved back to London where she found her dusty old guitar and started to write and play her music again.

Moving to Scottsdale in 2003 she continued her singing interests, playing and singing with various artists in the valley and recording her first cd called ’Well, this is Me”. I loved the recording process and learnt so much in a short space of time, I had to be a quick study”! Her first cd did very well in London and was even bought by the present Prime Minister of the UK.

Her musical journey continued in Scottsdale with a second cd a couple of years later and featured one of her original works called ‘Loose Ends’ also the title of the cd. Loose Ends was picked up by the European digital download system and came within the top 100 singles in Europe.

Really enjoying her musicality, she started to write her own songs with a view to bringing out a cd of original work and forming a new band. Doing nothing by halves, she wrote last summer over 14 tracks and formed a seven-piece band to gig with. Nearly all of the songs on this cd are written from the heart. “I had a lot to say and wanted to get it out there”. Tracks such as “ Shine”, about a long-standing marriage and ‘I’ll be There” relating to a child and mother relationship, to a very emotional song titled ‘4 July’, these songs have been unanimously received for their poignant lyrics and range. Up-tempo tracks include “ Love is a long and lonely road”, relating to life and the loneliness on the road for musicians/actors etc. ‘Beautiful to me’ was written around a scene Francesca remembers vividly when she was 18 and volunteering in an old folks home and walking in on an old man combing his wife’s hair’, something so touching she has never forgotten. ‘Sapphires in the Sky’ one of her favorites was written after her travels to India and Burma and was written for and the children of those countries. The effect of the poverty those children go through is haunting and ‘I wanted to write a song remembering the children” they are my ‘Sapphires in the sky”.

With her band ‘Francesca and Friends’ she has been touring in the valley, - one of her private concerts was sold out with standing room only - she also headlined the Carefree Festival in April of this year and next hopes to tour further afield with the band.

Francesca’s charity work is extremely important to her and for seven years she was Chair of Save the Children in London, campaigning for a Heart and Lung Transplant Center in the UK.

Water for Boats

Water for Boats is a four piece, Surrey-based rock band with an age range of 16-17 years old. Formed in the summer of 2011, under the original name of “Kings of Zyon”, Water for Boats has gone from strength to strength, playing as many gigs as possible around the area.

The band incorporates the energy of the music of Green Day with the melodic influences of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, put across in the style of Kings of Leon, to create a large, full rock sound which the band manages to capture live with ease. The studio recordings capture the true essence of Water for Boats. The band has recorded three different demo tapes as well as an EP, titled “Words the Devil Taught Me”, which contains four tracks, each unique but as equally captivating.

The band is very passionate about what they do and hope that they will be able to spread their music to larger audiences.

Julia Savina & Svetlana Bekleseva

Julia Savina & Svetlana Bekleseva are London-based innovative EDM producers and filmmakers.

Originally from Narva, Estonia, these two talented and professional artists, who both have degrees in Music, joined forces in September 2014 to create EDM soundtracks for the entertainment industry.

Julia Savina aka JJ Savina, is an EDM Producer/DJ/Remixer. Julia Savina gained popularity as an EDM producer by releasing her tracks "BadGirl From Narva", "PARTY!", "Quantum Women" and "Dance" via Quantum Recordz, in their second album "Cookies With Cream: The Second Coming" in December 2013. Since then, her work has been highly recognised and promoted on Reverberation, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. JJ Savina's favourite genres are EDM, Progressive House, Electro House, Techno.

Svetlana Bekleseva is a Film Director/Producer/Screenwriter/Actress. Svetlana Bekleseva became famous as an actress by performing in short films and theatre productions, such as "Elli" (London, 2013) and "Wrath of the Crows" (Italy, 2013). She co-wrote and co-directed the short films "Sleep Well" and "A?" (London, 2011). In 2014 Svetlana Bekleseva produced and directed the short film " What Lies Beyond", where she collaborated with JJ Savina to produce EDM soundtracks for the opening and closing screen.

Wouter Kellerman


Wouter Kellerman’s new DVD ‘Live in Mzansi’ demonstrates why he is regarded as one of South Africa’s most musically adventurous world-music proponents. He keeps his sound fresh and progressive by incorporating a fusion of influences and styles into his music with vocalists, instrumentalists and dancers to create a fresh and exhilarating performance.

Kellerman’s album ‘Two Voices’ won the 2011 SAMA for 'Best Instrumental Album', reinforcing his status as one of South Africa’s foremost musicians. A true crossover artist, he thrives on experimenting with the shades, textures and colours that his magic flute is capable of painting, and creatively blending this with other instrumentation and vocal sounds.

The SAMA-winning flute wizard, who performed at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Closing Ceremony to a global television audience of 700-million people, has spent the past couple of years cooking up several potent compositions with an array of top South African and African artists – and ‘Live in Mzansi’ is the result.

Wouter has been travelling extensively over the last two years, performing all over the world in places like Berlin, Shanghai, New York and Sydney.

Wouter’s flute-playing can be heard on the soundtrack of the Emmy Award-winning film ‘Eye of the Leopard’. His albums ‘Colour’ and ‘Two Voices’ were mixed in Los Angeles by Grammy-winning engineer Husky Hoskulds.

Passionate about teaching and empowering young people, Kellerman has sponsored the living expenses of 10 children in the SOS Children’s Village in Ennerdale for the past 14 years, and has also financed the building of a house in the SOS Children’s Village in Rustenburg. For his continued efforts in helping give these children a better life, Kellerman was nominated by the SOS Children’s Villages for the Inyathelo Special Recognition Award for Philanthropy. He continues to facilitate the teaching of young dance and music students.

Wouter Kellerman started playing the flute at the age of 10, and in 1981 appeared as a soloist with the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra. He went on to feature in several South African orchestras, scooping musical accolades along the way. Among these was winning the Perrenoud Foundation Prize during the 1997 Vienna International Music Competition.

Using his classical training as a foundation, Kellerman focused his attention on world music, exploring the versatility of the instrument and fusing classical and contemporary sounds, resulting in a potent and thrilling musical encounter. Kellerman is taking his crossover world music to a global audience, having gained a solid following in South Africa. He has already released the album in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and most recently in Australia, where he combined his release with a nationwide tour, which included a support slot on Johnny Clegg’s Down Under tour.

Tim Wheater

His five star recordings are a consistent part of his creative activity. Furthermore, he enjoys performing his uniquely melodic and distinctive music at concerts, festivals and events throughout the world. Over the years, his original recordings have been used globally by leading therapists, healers, thinkers and communicators to transmit a message of powerful good vibrations. His back catalogue includes more than a dozen best selling and award winning CDs. Stylistically, it is possible to trace the evolution of his technique through different albums - however one thread unites them all. That is the sensitive use of real organic sounds, both his virtuostic, masterful flute playing and, in latter years, his highly acclaimed voice.

Tim believes that we are all beings on a precious life journey of discovery, of ourselves, our surroundings and our fellow beings. Through experience, he has learned to teach the transmutation of fear and negativity into a positive message of peace and inner and outer love.

Clare and Steph

Two girls crossed paths in California 14 February 2012. Both inspired by film soundtracks and video games, merging their artistic backgrounds in composition, music and theater, Clare and Steph came together, in a random meeting one fine day, call it synchronicity, discovering their signature sound which embodies different genres such as dream pop, art rock, sad core, and dark cabaret. Through music they are led to different worlds and the characters within them. Their self-produced debut EP, Once In Time, is set to be released 14 February 2013.

Carina Coen

Ties and Skirts

The Ties and Skirts was formed by composer/guitarist Magz Ng and vocalist Christie Lee in 2007, in a room overseeing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Its music kodaks the vulnerabilities of life that resonates with those in their darkest and weakest moments. Like a good wine there are subtle flavours of longing, regret, anticipation and disappointment. As an added dimension the band name cheekily hints of androgyny, and through this looking glass brings a new light to their music. In music, there’s no reason to hide. The songs are about her and her(s). Interpretation is left open to the ear of the beholder...

Tom Benzon

Tom worked with Angelina Jolie on her recent directorial debut which is set to hit cinema in December, 2011. With a composer and a friend, Dado Dzihan, his job was to record guitars for the soundtrack, appearing as a guitarist in the film.

In March, Tom joined the up and coming UK/ Italian singer, Jack Savoretti (check our live, St. Pancreas Sessions, London 2011: to play and record on his new (third) album. Their producer - Grammy award winner, Steve Booker, (produced and co-wrote Duffy's hit album), is putting this band together very carefully, with a clear vision ... It is made of musicians who are very present in London circuit. Gigs have started already as well as various summer festivals and studio time.  Gigs (at the legendary Jazz Cafe, Camden and Madame Jo- Jo's, Soho) were sold out within few days! Next was Montreux Jazz Festival (one of the major stages) and they also headlined various festivals this summer, working with two UK's major producers: Steve Booker and Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones,INXS,Peter Frampton,The Cult, Killing Joke, Duran Duran...), whic was a really valuable experience.

Tom's Past:

Over the years, he's toured Europe, South Africa, Middle East with his music.  Tom started as a guitarist of his first band, 'Rock Therapy' - (Rok Terapija) in Belgrade. Whilst the war was raging in Croatia and Bosnia, they packed up their guitars and left, taking 'the last train to Zurich.' Next destination was Barcelona and its absinthe-soaked clubs and bars.  Tom then moved to London, where he played with a well-known Croatian band, 'Kojoti' (their live performance, in Zagreb, opening for 'Faith No More'....

After three albums released for Croatian branch of Warner Bros, Tom moved to his next project: The Cool Shakes, an international band made of musicians from different parts of Europe, released 1 album.

In 2005, Tom moved to London and with Sonny West (who, at the time played for Morrissey, and Big Town Playboys).  Together, they made: 'The Congo Faith Healers' ( which has a reputation as one of the best and most original new UK bands and as 'Independent' wrote:' among top 10 UK bands you must see live!'.  Tom then undertook constant gigs (From Dubai gigs for Jack Daniels and Formula One, to European tours.  Tom did weeks and weeks of touring in Cyprus and big shows in Cannes.  Mark Lamar (BBC2) had 'The Congo Faith Healers' playing live twice in his show 'Gods Jukebox'.  This was the first time that they were 'the band of the year'.

In January 2011, Tom moved on, after 5 years of playing together with 'The Congo Faith Healers' and they had to part. The band is still alive and kickin'!


Another band which Tom recently joined as a guitarist is 'Shanai And The Whoo Haas', which is a great soul/ motown/ska influenced fresh, young, multicultural band.

The latest film where Tom played a major role, is 'Mash and Grab', about Pink Panthers, controversial and glorified gang of diamond robbers from the territory of ex Yugoslavia.  This Film is out in cinemas in spring, directed by Havana Marking, produced by BBC storyville and HBO.

Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings is an award winning London-based Irish country singer who also sings the greatest pop, rock, soul, rock 'n' roll, Rat Pack, Motown and reggae hits.

Tom Jennings has extensive live experience going back to the 60's in pop, cabaret, rock, blues/soul/r&b and country bands.

Tom Jennings and his Nashville Session Band voted winners Best British Country Band Award (twice, in 1981 and again in 1983)

Appeared at Wembley Country Music Festival (twice, in 1980 and 1984)

Southwark Festival – 4 appearances in 5 years

Multi club-award winner.

Tom has written many songs and even had two of them: WE WISH YOU A LOVELY DAY and RUN WITH THE BEST published by EMI. They have both been used extensively in tv shows across the world and in the movies: We Wish You A Lovely Day was used in Overnight Delivery 1998 with Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde and Walk The Line) and Paul Rudd (Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Divorcing Jack 1998 with David Thewlis (Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies).


It is said that when the great Sun Ra passed away, his soul shattered into a million pieces. Sunshine is one of those pieces. Inspired by the likes of Gill scott heron, Custis Mayfield and Nina Simone, Sunshine's music is socially conscious and spiritually healing. London born (which explains her funk) and all about the LOVE, I encourage you to get to know her  while she is  still underground. She won't be there for long.

Stuart Epps

Stuart Epps' musical career began in 1967 as a 15-year old office junior at Dick James Music. He quickly moved up the industry ladder to become Chief Engineer at DJM Studios, then later toured the USA with Elton John as personal assistant.

Stuart was involved from the start when Elton's producer, the late Gus Dudgeon, built The Mill Studios on the banks of the Thames, near Maidenhead. It was not long before Dudgeon asked Epps to become Chief Engineer, Studio Manager and Producer.

In recent years he has continued to work with big name artists to great acclaim, as well as helping a host of promising new and up-and-coming artists to sound their best, both on demo recordings and in full studio productions.

With decades of experienced garnered from working with the very best musicians at the top of the industry, coupled with a real love for music, Stuart has an intuitive knack for knowing just what will make each track sound most authentic, a deep understanding of musicians and their needs and a clearheaded, dedicated approach to getting the job done. The Flower Power era – and a 15-year-old music fanatic living right in the midst of it. Just out of school, Stuart Epps landed a job which was to influence the rest of his life. He took his first step into the music business as an errand boy for Dick James, the man who discovered the Beatles.

Stuart says about the beginnings of his career: “Even though I was only the errand boy, I had stepped into an exciting world”. With a lot of ambition he worked his way up through being a disc cutter / tape copier and assistant engineer to the position of producer in only two years. During that time he became friends with the still relatively unknown Elton John and his manager Steve Brown and decided to become part of his career. At 18 years of age, he accompanied Elton John as his personal assistant on his US tour and experienced Elton’s sky rocketing career at first hand.

Stuart was also A&R Manager for Rocket Records where he also co-managed Kiki Dee. In 1974, producer Gus Dudgeon asked him if he would like to work in his studio – the now legendary Mill Studios – which he was just in the process of building. “Construction took two years and resulted in the most noble, and most modern studio of its time”, says Stuart. There he rediscovered his true passion for recording and producing. “To experience an album or a song taking shape from the demo version to the final master is a great feeling”, Stuart said. He worked on many projects with artists including Elton John and Chris Rea. Later, Jimmy Page bought the studio in the early 80’s and Stuart became the Studio Manager and began to work with Heavy Rock artists like Led Zeppelin.

After gathering enough experience, he took over Alvin Lee’s private studio “Wheeler End” in 1994 and turned it into a residential commercial studio. Among his customers were John Leckie (Beatles, Stone Roses, Muse) and Craig Leon (The Ramones, Blondie). He also worked on his projects with Oasis, Robbie WilliamsMark Owen and Paul Weller. Up to this day, Stuart  is actively involved in the music business and also instructs students at the SAE in Oxford He says: ”I have always felt privileged to have a career that I am passionate about”.

Ruby Paul


Ruby Paul is a contemporary harpist- a harpist who performs and composes in popular styles and also sings with a pedal harp. She is a sought after performer giving many public and private performances each year. In 2010, she was the only English harpist to join eleven other harpists from all over the world to sing and play a concert of her original songs and pieces. Her music has been aired on many BBC local radio stations as well as on BBC Radio 2.

Ruby is greatly influenced by classical styles, easy listening popular styles and lounge music. Her simple melodies will defy you not to hum along, yet are refreshing and clean-cut. She has written and recorded many songs with full and acoustic backings and recently released two full albums in differing styles.

Forbidden Fruit, released in 2009, is a collection of mostly original songs written in the form of classic ballads. Ruby’s mellow vocal lends the music a melancholy folk air with a hint of jazz. The strong themes of falling in love and forbidden love may have helped this album gain such popularity in the Middle East (or maybe it’s just all that black eyeliner)


Encyclopedia Botanica, released in 2011, is an album of mood pieces for solo harp. Virtuoso motifs and childlike melodies create music with a chill vibe, at once complex and simple. Echos of Michael Nyman’s The Piano, with a plangent medieval sound.  Instrumental music to weave your dreams to, or simply to help you unwind.



R-MIONE: Writer/Composer/Engineer/Producer.

After having been the leader of a grunge band and an artist signed to XIII BisMusic, R-Mione produced Electro vinyls with Lord Speed (most famous: LWD) distributed by "Under OneSun" (UK).

R-Mione has composed music to many films including "Petite Copine" (starring Anthony DELON) Frederic DIEFENTHAL's production ("TAXI" starring Luc Besson).

Also collaborated with Game One TV (video game, AD campaign).

With "Fight and Delight" album R-Mione created a style by injecting a subtle mixture of all their electro-rock influences. R-Mione performed in 1st part of ARNO and also MINIO GARAY.

"STOP" new single, broadcasted by M6Music, "PRIVATE GARDEN" too, "Where is lover" song has been nominated for the best Trip-Hop song by IAC (USA).

Ryan Hardy

Ryan Hardy is a singer-songwriter - playing guitar, bass and keyboard. He records at home and at Beck Studios in his home county of Northamptonshire in England.

He plays in a variety of pop/rock styles, including lo-fi, folk, alternative, Chamber pop, psychedelica, & kids songs with some humour added into the styles now and then.Ryan has written & recorded many tracks since 2001 and songs have been played on Radio stations including Dandelion Radio, WFMU in New York and BBC Radio One.

The music can be described as a quirky hybrid nature of sounds old & new, with always a fun childlike feel though out.

Papa George


Internationally acclaimed London bluesman Papa George is admired on the UK blues circuit as an extremely well respected musician.  Since the mid-70s Papa George has forged a reputation for stunning performances on the blues circuits and festivals,  “Highly regarded, both here and in the US, and Europe, for the gritty passion of his voice and his finesse on the blues frets…” Paul Jones BBC Radio2.  Recognised as one of the top guitarists and vocalists and described by THE TIMES as “a mean axeman”, he captivates audiences playing Fender Stratocaster, or bottleneck blues-style on Amistar and National Steel Guitars.

In 1963 the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were dominating the music scene and George (aged 10) persuaded his parents to buy him his first guitar.  It didn’t take long to be drawn to the blues, having seen artists such as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf at London’s Hammersmith Odeon (Apollo). In his late teens George turned professional, playing at the “Borsch ‘n’ Tears”, Knightsbridge, where he met many talented musicians. This opened the door to touring Europe, playing festivals. His first band “TAXI” opened the show for Tina Turner at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1983 – treading the boards of those famous artists he’d witnessed!


During the 70s & 80s George ventured out to play in Colombia, New York, LA and Texas, these experiences had a profound effect on his musical journey. Shortly after his return to the UK in 1986, he formed the Papa George Band, which became very popular around London & the South East, plus Europe & Scandinavia. The Papa George Band has built a solid reputation for their great musicianship, mainly using original material - their improvisational skills are second to none.  They continue to tour and play festivals throughout Europe. Guest Appearances include:  Micky Moody, Zoot Money, Freddie Mercury, Paul Jones, Roger Chapman, Bobby Tench, Jon Lord, "Sir” Charles Atkins, Ken Emerson, Gary Husband, Elliot Randall, PP Arnold and the late, Gary Moore.


By 2001, alongside his Band work, Papa George had developed a successful solo career mainly using steel and acoustic guitars accompanied by his mesmerizing vocals.  He also plays dynamic duos with Micky Moody, Ken Emerson, Alan Glen… In 2004 & 5 “Habitat For Humanity” and the Blues Foundation, Tallahassee, Florida invited Papa George to play at the Dr Martin Luther King Freedom Festival - he was honoured to play amongst some of Florida’s great gospel & blues artists.

In 2006 Papa George played the opening set at “The Sunflower Jam”, The Porchester Halls, London, raising awareness and money for The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust. Guest musicians on the night included Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin); Jon Lord and Ian Paice (Deep Purple); Linda Lewis and Paul Weller, Bernie Marsden; Neil Murray; Sam Brown; Paul 'Wix' Wickens; Margo Buchanan; Nick Fyffe and Don Airey (supported by HRH The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health).


For over 30 years of extensive live performances, Papa George continues to play and sing the blues with true passion, heart and soul. Monica Dupont has nominated Papa George for induction into the Blues Hall of Fame.


Nite With You – Papa George Band (1996)
Being Free... ain’t no crime – Papa George (2001)
Down At The Station – Papa George Band (2004)
Papa George Live at the Ram Jam Featuring Alan Glen (2007) DVD
Papa George Live at the Ram Jam Featuring Alan Glen (2007) CD
“LIVE” - Papa George & Alan Glen (2011)


2009 “City Blues” (Papa George & Dr Ika) - No.1 on the IAC Blues Chart
2007 Musik Messe, Frankfurt  “Amistar – fine resophonic guitars” presented the maestro with a beautifully engraved, “PAPA GEORGE CUSTOM” Vintage Model, which he also showcased at The London Guitar Show.
2005 “Blackjack” Reached Blues Finals – achieving Honorary Mention
2004 “Blues With A Feelin’” - Soundtrack “World Without Waves” “Milagro Award” for Best South-West Film, Santa Fe Film Festival
2003 “Moonshadows On Coconut Grove” - Hawaiian Music Award

Nick Ashron

Nick Ashron has been working with Spirit for over 30 years and is a regular exhibitor at Mind Body Spirit Events. He was one of the first pioneers of spiritual 'new age' music in the UK and has produced several beautiful and uplifting Healing & Relaxation Music CDs.

Nick was voted 'Most Popular Spiritual / Psychic Artist' in 2008 and in 2009 launched his own inspirational Spiritual chat show on Controversial TV on Sky 200: Nick Ashron's Lightworker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Nick also runs Workshops & Spirit Guide Portrait Days or you can request a Spirit Guide Drawing online.

Martha Ann Brooks


Martha Ann Brooks is a singer-songwriter r the heart and soul of a true storyteller. While her songs are normally well grounded in the folk music tradition of relating personal experiences, common occurrences, and newsworthy events; they also have contemporary and unique elements that allow them to freely flow in, out, around, and through many different genres.

Genres can be confining as well as defining; not to mention downright confusing. We coined a new term - Bluefolkacana - for Martha Ann Brooks’ musical style since it doesn't fit exactly within the boundaries of current genres.

Born in Montgomery, AL; raised in Augusta, GA; graduated from UGA; played in cover bands in Atlanta, GA; took sabbatical before moving to NW Georgia; now performing predominately original music. 1st cd: Simply... (June 2006) 2nd cd: Lately... (April 2009)

Lost Gravity

The band was formed in London, UK in summer '07 by Brazilian guitarist Breno Val. In a time when the scene was saturated with crappy indie and metalcore bands, Lost Gravity brought back what had been missing for ages in a rock band: guitar riffs, melodies and foot tapping grooves!

Heavily influenced by AC/DC, Metallica and Alice in Chains, Lost Gravity have been rocking out the London circuit hard and loud building up a nice and loyal following.

Have you lost gravity yet?


How did you get interested in music?

Well when I was younger I was always listenig to different music and was very fond of Hip Hop and its culture. My brother was part of a band who was signed to Sony Music. He gave me the inspiration to start recording my own music. I aspired to be like artists such as Nas, Jay Z and Wu Tang Clang.

What does Hip Hop mean to you?

Hip Hop is my life. It is not just a style of music to me but also a culture that I am part of. It invovles the way I dress, walk, talk, dance and what I purchase. When I am producing my music Hip Hop allows me to be expressive. It is my life experiences written on paper that I can make come alive when I record and perform.

Why did you decide to become an artist of Hip Hop and not any other genre?

As I said before Hip Hop is my favourite type of music and a culture I decided to become apart of, so its something I felt comfortable with. I also want to be the UK Hip Hop artist with paves the way for other talents like me and create a gateway for UK Hip Hop to get more recognition.

What do you think of the UK Hip Hop Industry?

I think at the moment it is still very underground and needs to become more popular to let it go mainstream. It is however growing fast with a lot of UK entrepreneurs, like myself trying to break into the music industry. UK artists of many genres are becoming more popular and making a gateway for other artists. If we focus on the UK Hip Hop scene I want to be the reason it blossoms.

Kymberly Steel

Kymberly Steel

Katie Rose


Singing from an early age in churches gave Katie Rose a direct experience of the power of the sound to create a powerful meditative state.  At the age of fifteen she knew her vocation was to use her voice for healing.

She trained in Theatre and embarked on a voyage of exploring voice and spirituality, learning from many sound healers including Nikki Slade, Don Conreaux and Jill Purce.

Passionate about sharing the power of sound, Katie works with people from all walks of life helping them to express themselves in a way which is uplifting and empowering.

"I've never liberated my voice quite like that before!" – Marian

Witnessing the profound effect of sound in others, Katie was inspired to start recording healing music – Shiva’s Rain follows The Singing Tree (2009).  Committed to promoting interfaith tolerance and inclusivity she interweaves songs, chants and mantras from global traditions with her own original material.

Katie has also released an EP of traditional folk music fol-de-rose (2010) and was invited to contribute a track to the compilation album Echoes from the Mountains (2010 Rif Mountain)

"you'll be totally hooked”"an eye (and ear) opener." - fROOTS magazine

Katie has performed and lead groups at festivals and venues across the UK including Mind Body Spirit, Tree of Life, Big Green Gathering, Glastonbury.  She will be sharing a sound meditation at the Sound Oasis at the Mind Body Spirit Winter Festival on 12th November 2011.  Please visit her website for details of this and other events.

Committed to supporting the growth of the sound healing community, Katie runs a free monthly newsletter listing the work of sound practitioners across London. She also showcases conscious artists at her monthly event The Garden of Roses at Inspiral Lounge, Camden.

Katie recently sung in a choir of 800 at Sing for Water at the Thames Festival which has raised half a million pounds for Water Aid over the last ten years.  She is working with Water Aid to create a very special event for World Water Day on March 22nd 2012 – watch this space…!

Jen Charlton

Full of character, Jen Charlton's voice can at once be angelic and dark, sweet and smoky. Influences abound, from folk and Broadway to pop and classical music. With her rich husky voice, intelligent lyrics and honest piano playing, the songs take you somewhere original.

Hailing from a small town in Canada , Charlton has been writing and singing great songs for some time. A part of the UK music scene for some time - she has collaborated with Sean Reed (who also worked with Beth Orton, Ed Harcourt and Graham Coxon) and done some recording for EMI publishing. She is set to impress and charm you.

Having settled in Tel Aviv recently, she has teamed with a French producer and a host of local

musicians to make her next album...

Daniel Hart


Daniel Hart is an actor, director and singer songwriter, with a wealth of stage, screen and recording experience.

Winning a BBC Radio 4 Award in 1997, Daniel has recorded drama and poetry productions and on TV has acted in everything from period drama, 'Cambridge Spies' and 'Vanity Fair', to modern sitcom, playing Bob Dylan in the BBC's 'Love Soup', for which he wrote the music.

When Daniel's track 'Soothe My Soul' was entered in to a competition for Samsung's F400 share campaign, it received extensive coverage on Radio1 and Xfm leading to 20,00o hits on the myspace page in just over a week.

Daniel's chief love is in laying down tracks and harmonies in the studio but also loves the thrill of a live audience.

"...will sound as good on the car radio as they will at home..." -

The album, released July 2009

"...A sublime slice of superior sound...A perfect pop album..." - Jeremy Williams - Zap Bang Magazine

Crokodile Tears


Crocodile Tears began as a solo project for singer-songwriter Christopher Sidwell (ex. Digital Dinosaurs) and the eponymous first album released in 1986 was produced by Paul Sampson (Catatonia / Primitives).

Joined multi-instrumentalist -producer Alf Hardy (Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom and EAR) to become Crokodile Tears and release 4 further albums, 3 E. P’s and several singles.

Sue E. P.‘ got a great N. M. E. review. ‘Love car’ was played on Steve Wright’s show. Their new album, ‘Words of Wisdom ?’ has got excellent reviews in Clown  magazine and Music Maker and features Amy McGuigan  (Blush) and sister of Billy (‘Kiss the rain’ ) Myers. Also featuring Hawkwind/Hawklords guitarist Jerry Richards & drummer Robin Hill.

Clarissa Ska Let


Cenk Sayinli


Dataline is Cenk Sayinli (Jake). This is a project which focuses on making electronic music using Elektron Music Machines and performing with them wherever possible...

Cenk's first musical experience started through a commodore64. Astonished by the those sounds, he decided to craft his own music using hardware sequencers and drum machines. Dataline first started as solo project around the early 90s while living in Istanbul. After moving back to UK and getting hold of an Elektron Machinedrum, he never looked back and did many gigs around Europe using only Monomachine and Machinedrum, taking part in gigs with well known acts like Vector Lovers and Daedelus.

During his time in the UK, Cenk became a resident performer at the LaptopLounge - a well known electronic music night in Edinburgh.

After acquiring the Octatrack - Elektron's latest 'invention', Dataline's musical journey has taken an unknown direction.
Dataline also does live jamming sessions with Koshi Mazaki a.k.a Radek Rudnicki - Polish electronic music artist, who is living and studying in York. Video

Andy Smythe


A multi-talented singer/songwriter based in London, UK Andy Smythe has for the past five years quietly stolen the hearts and minds of all that hear his strident, evocative and finely crafted songs. At venues like the Borderline, and at festivals like the CMJ new music festival in New York Andy’s polished performances have enchanted audiences. He’s also received accolades from the likes of The Waterboys’ Mike Scott.

Andy performs either solo on guitar and piano or with a vibrant backing band consisting of bass, electric violin and drums. His stunning melodic voice has been compared favourably with the likes of Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright. It is surely one of the best voices in contemporary acoustic music.

Exploring aspects of ‘modern protest folk’ Andy transcends the usual singer/songwriter fare of love and loss. Inspired by the likes of Phil Ochs and poets like Walt Whitman Andy has found his own truly unique voice.

William Johnston

In 1982: ‘Loose Talk’ did a Major Record Deal – Toured Europe & stayed at John Lennon’s House, in Sunningdale, where he lived with Yoko Ono. It was here that Lennon wrote the song ‘Imagine’ and later gave it to Ringo Starr, who named it Startling Studios. Loose Talk were produced by Kumar who was bass player in the Tourists, with Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart. William Johnston was the front man of ‘Loose Talk’.

William set up ‘Bone Structure’ in the early 90′s – Guy Pratt, from Pink Floyd was on base guitar. Papa George played in the band and they gigged, together. Les Warner was drummer with ‘The Cult’ and toured for three years, with them.

Peter Reiss played bass guitar for Gary Moore and was a great friend of Freddie Mercury’s. William had a residency at the Embassy Club, for three years, where Peter Straker performed, who was great friends with Papa George, who sometimes often played guitar in William’s Band, Bone Structure. Paul Fox of ‘The Ruts’ also played as a session guitar player in Bone Structure.

William hung out at Stringfellas and the Hippodrome.

1987: William performed, (with no rehearsals) at ‘Ding Wall’s’ with Melvin Ashong’s band, ‘Persons Unknown’, (who was a blood-brother from school days).

1990′s: ‘Ashbone Nine’ was a duo of William Johnston and Melvin Ashong who spent the summer writing three songs, including the song ‘Mental Symphony’, recorded at Running Frog Studios.

1996: Saw the end of Bone Structure, who had been on the circuit for five years. They got through to the semi finals of ‘The Battle of the Bands’.

William also played @ the Orange Club in Kensington, many a time. Noble Fox, who was the Production Company for ‘The Long Lost Brothers’ was interested in William. William had music played on BBC Radio and interviews. He acted in plays such as The Barnes Youth Theatre or Fringe.

2000′s: William was in Spain playing solo gigs in Andalucia.

William is a Music Producer, Guitar Player, Songwriter, plays Multie Instruments, including: Bass, drums, keyboard, strings and synth and is a Composer of Film Music. He has also been in TV Adverts, for Guinness and tube adverts via The Ugly Agency and Lees People. William was in the feature film, ‘Backbeat’, based on the Beatles’ early Hamburg days, starring Stephen Doorf. His other film appearances also include: Dudge Dread. William also worked as a model and is ingenious Pro Tools engineer.

William played many music venues, such as ; The Oregon, 100 Club, Mean Fiddler, Embassy Club. He also played Festivals, Universities, with ‘The Bootleg Beatles,’ such as; Nana Cherry, George Fame & Dub Roots’ band.

Film scores & lyrical songs produced by Maddox and Johnston


Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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To enquire about purchasing the Film Rights for Songs on our website or to purchase songs, please contact:

Lauren Maddox:




Film scores songs produced by Maddox and Johnston

Lyrical songs produced by Maddox and Johnston

Sally Francis

My life’s been a bit like painting a canvas I’ve loved doing different things, I am a creative energy

I recently recorded two songs to INSPIRE you ……

I love doing different things I trained and worked as a mainstream teacher initially but have now have clients around the world whom I’ve COACHED intuitively – read my testimonials

I’m an EFT Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner and SOUL PLAN READER

I have helped facilitating POSITIVE INSPIRATIONAL DAYS and Angel events working with meditation and doing EFT in a group and giving people practical tools to take their lives forwards .

I’ve been the the Mind Body Spirit columnist in the new free creative tabloid “Laissez Faire London” and helped with the start up and launch.

I am currently also writing two books one adult and a children’s one to empower them.

I trained as a Teacher in Biology/PE and Art and then went on to study Special needs and work in the support service for a local authority but have taught just about everything from Dance to Music in whole school from maths to English , football to tennis you name it I’ve probably taught it. :)

Have worked with some children who schools have labelled as unteachable, and I loved putting the sparkle back into their eyes. I have taught thousands of children. Probably taught in about 200 schools and around 10,000 children and have a huge snapshot in my head of the education system in England.

Have played Volleyball for England youth and U20 squads. Memories of really exciting times where I pushed myself to the limits of what a human body could do in terms of exercise. I often trained for 10 hours a day.I then went on to help coach and referree adults with Volleyball and help run a Club.

Gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education (Special Needs) and hope at some stage to finish my Masters Degree as I have helped thousands of children to meditate that’s my special interest at the moment.

I am fascinated by linking movement to learning and can’t understand how we just don’t seem to get the correlation between the two in education. I think people who are in their bodies are probably the cleverest people on the planet. If you move your body you shift your emotions and all the blocks and the energy circulating.

I have worked in Business and hold an HNC in Business Studies.I worked doing management accounting and designed my own gardens in three houses and have Certificate in Garden design – I just adore nature and walking and will always be found roaming by rivers or water

Am fascinated by and regularly practice Tai chi, Chi Gong and Meditation. I have consistently used visualisations in my life.I love acupuncture and see the relationship between it and tai chi it’s powerful. I understand the laws of the universe and have seen the power of them in my own life.

I have helped a Charity build an Orphanage in Nepal in my spare time with PR and Fundraising and advertising and helped to spot musicians. It’s been wonderful to see the orphanage going up..

I helped in advertising with PR , storyboarding and spread awareness, set up Mission Statements and justgiving etc…. We had some wonderful weekends with the charity, dancing in Battersea Park through rain or shine.

Today I find myself with wonderful friends and some great mentors who I also wish to help as I believe that this is a world which is changing rapidly and synergy is very powerful. We are whatever we believe ourselves to be, it’s the story we tell ourselves that counts.

Oh yes and I love life and living !

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